Call the dream team

By Charlie Jacoby, November 24, 2011

self-build and renovation projects and is launching the "Your Fusion" marque.

Fusion's Warren Rosenberg says: "More frequently than ever, money-no-object house-hunters are not just looking for a dream home. They are looking for their dream home, one with their thumbprint indelibly stamped into the bricks and mortar of the property and the very soul of the place. They want to weave their own personalities and style into their luxury home.

"The dream is often out of reach, not because of price, but because of the maze of planning issues, architectural considerations, sourcing of materials, interior design and general project management. Your Fusion provides a one-stop shop of housebuilding advice. Should funding be an issue, it can even help with an application to your lender, or source loans on the best terms for your circumstances."

Your Fusion's Antoine Christoforou says: "The Fusion team works all day, every day on planning, design and construction details for our own projects - and now we are able to offer our expertise out to private clients within a highly tailored service."

The company recently won the Oscar of the property world at the UK Property Awards in London. Its Amara Lodge in Hadley Wood was voted best development in Hertfordshire.

    Last updated: 11:49am, November 24 2011