Matisyahu: I'm more Jewish than Drake

By Jennifer Lipman, February 21, 2011


Matisyahu has declared himself more worthy of the Jewish rapper crown than Grammy-nominated Canadian artist Drake.

The Orthodox rapper told celebrity website TMZ that his musical rival, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, did not represent Jews.

He said: “He happens to be Jewish, just like Bob Dylan happens to be Jewish, just like anyone happens to be Jewish.

“What I’m doing is really tapping into my roots and culture and trying to blend that with mainstream society and culture."

Matisyahu, whose hits have included the Jewish-themed tracks Jerusalem and King Without a Crown, said: “So his being Jewish is just a byproduct, really.”

The artist, who has peyot and sometimes performs wearing a black hat, was brought up as a secular Jew in New York but developed an interest in Chasidic Judaism as an adult.

However, not one to start a feud, he added: “Drake is pretty good, man. As an MC, he’s got me.”

Last updated: 10:39am, February 22 2011