My Jewish Moments: Vivian Wineman

September 22, 2009
Vivian Wineman

Vivian Wineman

Vivian Wineman is president of the Board of Deputies

Most significant Jewish moment?

Getting married.

Which biblical character would you like to meet, and why?

Elijah. Out of curiosity, as I would like to know what he was like as an individual. Was he as much of a loner as he is portrayed? Why did he acquire such a mystique for later generations?

Your favourite mitzvah?

Keeping Shabbat.

Israel for me is…

This is the country where I spent the most formative period of my life and where most of my family now live. I have a second home there and have always wanted to settle there.

Last time you went to synagogue?

Last Shabbat.

Favourite Jewish book?

The Bible. It has it all — history, adventure, sex, romance, sublime poetry, wonderful insights as well as incredibly long lists! It is in turn exciting, uplifting, enigmatic, troubling and deeply subversive.

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