My Jewish Moments: Emily Maitlis

September 22, 2009
Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis is a BBC journalist and newsreader

Most significant Jewish moment?

It was, oddly, when I got married to Mark, my Catholic boy. We had a rabbi and a priest doing the service together and we have the most beautiful photo of the two of them dancing together to klezmer music. It was a very important moment to have my family there, and accepting of our choice, and for that reason it was extremely emotionally profound.

My favourite biblical character?

Probably Joseph as I love what he made himself into from a desperate start. Also, because he was flawed and he learned to tone down his own arrogance.

Favourite mitzvah?

I thought you weren’t supposed to talk about the really good ones. I love working for Action for Children, an amazing charity that takes kids from appalling backgrounds and gives them hope.

Israel for me is…

A place of wonderful lemon and orange and olive groves and great family holidays when I was tiny.

The last time you went to synagogue?

For the barmitzvah of my nephew, Simon. The whole family was there, and Simon did so brilliantly we all wanted to cheer very loudly. That was my second favourite Jewish moment!

Favourite Jewish book?

When We Were Bad by Charlotte Mendelson. It made me laugh a lot.

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