EXCLUSIVE: Baroness Tonge and terrorists

By Stephen Pollard
July 25, 2008

My JC column today refers to IslamExpo, which took place a fortnight ago. One of the speakers was Baroness Tonge, the LibDem peer whose empathy for suicide bombers and claims that the Board of Deputies of British Jews "take vindictive actions against people who oppose and criticise the lobby" are now infamous.

For some reason her words were not reported. This post is aimed at changing that. Although I was not there, and no recording seems to have been made, I have been given a detailed set of notes taken by someone in the audience.

She spoke on a panel disussing Palestinian Nakbah: A 60-Year Catastrophe. The other speakers were Azzam Tamimi, Ilan Pepe and Nur Masalha. To understand the gravity of the Baroness


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