West Side Story - pure genius

By Stephen Pollard
August 4, 2008

Mrs P and I went to see West Side Story last week. I was simply going to post here that you should run to the box office to get a ticket; but yesterday I read a bizarre review by Christopher Hart which leaves me wondering whether I should ever pay attention to his scribblings again. He talks of its superficial topicality; calls the piece a 1950s musical pop up; and dismisses it as camp, muscle-bound young men leaping around in jeans and tight T-shirts.

Is the man devoid of any musical or theatrical sense? The wondrous thing is how a musical premiered fifty years ago not only sounds astonishingly fresh, but how a story which is so clearly of its time is nonetheless so deeply relevant, and says so much about our own times. As for the production - I've seen three so far, and this is by quite a long way the best. It's riveting, and I can only urge you to get a ticket if you can. You won't regret it.


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