Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh


Dir. Roberta Grossman | USA | 2008 | 85 mins | English 

Hannah Senesh was just 22 when she was part of a small group of Jewish volunteers from Palestine that parachuted into Nazi-occupied Europe:  the only military rescue mission for Jews during the Holocaust.  Her mission ended in tragedy when she was captured and executed in a Gestapo prison, yet her poetry and diaries have left an inspirational legacy.

Roberta Grossman's film tells Hannah's story as much through the eyes of Catherine Senesh as those of the heroine herself, bringing their letters and diaries to life with gripping reconstructions to explain how thier bond, as well as her love for her people.  Unmissable.

Screening times:

Date Time Cinema
Sun 09 Nov 5.45pm Odeon Swiss Cottage
Thur 13 Nov 2.30pm Odeon Swiss Cottage


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Jonathan Hoffman

Mon, 11/10/2008 - 00:48

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Roberta Grossman has tracked down nephews of Hannah Senesh and her former kibbutz colleagues in Israel, and has interviewed them for this documentary. Even Shimon Peres (who knows some of the people who parachuted with Hannah into Hungary) is interviewed. So is Sir Martin Gilbert. Hannah's story is told for the first time on film, including much contemporaneous footage. It is narrated through the eyes of Catherine, Hannah's mother whom she went back to Hungary to rescue. It's a very well produced film and is - as it says above - indeed 'unmissable'.

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