Charedim voice school concerns

By Simon Rocker, January 27, 2011

Charedi leaders have voiced concern about the government's plans to raise the school leaving age from 16 to 18 in a meeting with Schools Minister Nick Gibb.

A delegation from the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations discussed the potential impact on Charedi youth, who generally leave school by their mid-teens to go to yeshivah or seminary.

But Chanoch Kesselman, executive co-ordinator of the UOHC, said they were "reassured" by Mr Gibb's response. "He was very supportive," he said. "He was encouraging about our school system and the way Charedi children turn out as valuable citizens of the community."

Concerns were also raised about sex education in the school curriculum.

Last updated: 3:35pm, January 27 2011