Money Mensch: Earn one year's interest in a day

By Martin Lewis, October 28, 2010

Supermarket savings schemes offer a great loophole.

You are supposed to save up all year with your chosen retailer, such as Tesco, Iceland, Wilkinson, Morrisons and more, then it will add up to a five per cent bonus on a specific date.

Yet to ease administering, most shops add this bonus on a set day. For example, Asda adds the bonus - up to four per cent - on 22 November; so simply stash what cash you want to spend the day before and you still get the reward.

Though of course all that money must then be spent at the specific retailer.

Even though we are talking big companies here, it is worth noting that savings stamps schemes have no protection if the companies were to go bust, yet using the loophole, the cash is only in there a short time anyway so the risks are minimised.

A host of retailers' bonus dates are coming up, so act fast to get an easy boost to your shopping budget.

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Last updated: 3:37pm, October 28 2010