Injured man thanks unknown Samaritan

By Katie Taylor, October 28, 2010

A man who tripped and hit his head on a metal railing in Golders Green has placed an advertisement in the JC to thank the woman who came to his aid.

Terry Smith, 60, put a notice in last week's Social & Personal column in appreciation of the woman, called either Elana or Lana, who stayed with him until an ambulance arrived.

The accident happened as Mr Smith was running to catch the 82 bus in Finchley Road.

"All I remember is flying like a ballerina through the air. I saw the metal railings in front of me and thought: 'I cannot believe this is happening to me'. There was blood dripping all over my face as I lay in the road. There was a 25 centimetre gash on my head."

His good samaritan told him she had worked for four years as a paramedic in Israel. She called for cloth and tissues to staunch the blood and shouted for an ambulance. The Hatzolah emergency service was first on the scene.

"I am so grateful to Elana and Hatzolah. They gave me fantastic first aid," he said.

It was second time unlucky for Mr Smith. Two weeks ago, he had been airlifted to hospital after collapsing on a Californian mountain and hitting his head on a rock.

Last updated: 4:08pm, October 28 2010