Wanted: Jewish family for reality TV show

By Jessica Elgot a..., October 28, 2010

Wanted: an exhibitionist Jewish family to let a Channel Four camera crew into their lives - from grandma's kalooki nights to the teenage hormone-fuelled drama of the FZY ball.

Producers are seeking a Jewish family who have room for a few more round the Friday night dinner table.

There could be up to 28 cameras recording every kvetch and kvell for 24 hours a day for the fourth season of the BAFTA-nominated series, The Family.

The programme, sometimes described as voyeuristic, has previously followed a British and Anglo-Indian family - including a Sikh wedding and the drama of a premature baby.

Researchers for the project are currently combing Manchester for a suitable Whitefield or Prestwich family, with three or more teenage children, for the eight-week filming process.

Over the two months, the cameramen will attend family meals, supervise homework and hear intimate details of teenage crushes, marriages, school, work and religion.

Channel Four's call for Jewish families to apply describes the programme as "a celebration of family life that reflects the identity and diversity of contemporary Britain."

Producers have not yet fixed a date to begin filming the series and have anticipated that a suitable Jewish family may take several months to find.

In the second series, featuring a Sikh family, the Grewals, the cameras filmed 3,500 hours of footage, and producers worked in shifts from a Portakabin office in the garden to edit it down to cover the family's daily - and nightly - activities.

The series is based on the original Family, the Wilkins from Reading, who were filmed in 1974 for the BBC.

The series was seen as the groundbreaking precursor to fly-on-the-wall reality TV series like Big Brother and Wife Swap.

Last updated: 4:20pm, October 28 2010