Ancient coins conference in London

July 29, 2010

Coin and history specialists in the field of Roman and Jewish coins will gather in London next month for an international conference.

Judea and Rome in Coins, from 65 BCE to 135 CE, will bring together American, British and Israeli numismatic experts, for a two-day conference.

It will take place at the London premises of the coin and medal specialists, Spink and Son, and is co-sponsored by the University College London's Institute of Jewish Studies.

Philip Skingley, one of the conference co-ordinators, said: "The period covered spans the Roman conquest of Judea by Pompey, through to the last major Jewish uprising against Roman rule by Simon Bar-Kokhba."

Advances in coin scholarship for the period have been made by archaeological exploration and new coin finds, shedding new light on political, economic and social issues in both Rome and Judea.

The coins show the 9th Roman emperor Vespasian and a mourning Jewish woman beneath a trophy of a Roman suit of armour. Both are examples of the artefacts that will be discussed at the conference.

Last updated: 11:47am, July 29 2010