Moddershall Oaks

By Jenni Frazer, March 4, 2010
The master suite at Moddershall Oaks, a bijoux spa that offers great value

The master suite at Moddershall Oaks, a bijoux spa that offers great value

My dentist thinks this spa is no good for my teeth. He is right: an over-abundance of brown in the interior decoration, and an insistence on dreadful Muzak - sometimes played at earbleed volume - certainly led to an unhealthy level of molar-gnashing on my part.

On the other hand, Moddershall Oaks - just off the M6 between Stafford and Stoke - could just be the fun place for you to get an enjoyable couple of days' worth of rest and relaxation.

Stocked generously with Elemis products - also used in spa treatments - and set in beautiful grounds, making it ideal for long walks, the spa offers a variety of packages which are really good value.

There are tennis courts and bikes for hire, and even in the cold of mid-winter my friends and I were able to enjoy sitting outside in a hot tub - each room has access to its own private tub area. There are only 10 rooms, well-appointed (some even have their own inside Jacuzzi bath), and the security is very good - you can only get access to the corridor with a magnetic card key.

The restaurant, which serves beautiful fish, fresh from the catches at the Port of Lancaster, plus yummy vegetarian offerings and new-baked bread, is obviously a well-liked local attraction, judging by the high number of non-residents enjoying lunch and dinner.

Take advantage of the proximity of the ancient town of Stone - founded 690CE - with wonderful shops and a farmer's market.

Now, if only I could find an interior decorator and a volume control...

Half-board: £129-£175
Tel: 0121 200 0600

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