Money mensch: Tesco loophole on reward points

By Martin Lewis, March 4, 2010

As anyone who shops at Tesco should know, you never ever redeem your Clubcard vouchers in store, as there a fiver voucher is worth just £5. Instead, convert it into Tesco Clubcard Rewards for things like days out, RAC membership, air miles and more, and its value is quadrupled. So a fiver voucher is then worth up to £20. And that can open a loophole whenever Tesco gives away bonus points, as it means you can earn more in rewards compared to the buying costs. Currently one of those type of deals is on. Sign up to Tesco's already best-buy DVD rental service before 14 March and you get 1,000 bonus points (worth £40 in rewards).

For full info on how to do it, go to

Last updated: 11:27am, March 4 2010