Money mensch: Call Israel for ½p a minute

By Martin Lewis, February 18, 2010

Don’t believe the Skype hype when it comes to making calls. If you dial a real phone number you will be charged. Standard rates for calling an Israeli phone from a PC are 1.4p per minute to a landline and 9p per minute to a mobile.

Yet many people can make calls for a fraction of the cost from home phone lines. If you have a BT line, by dialling a special access number you can call Israel for 0.5 pence a minute to a landline or 2 pence to a mobile. By dialling the access number you are effectively routing yourself through a no-frills cheap overseas call company and are subject to its prices. And you don’t get separate bills as all you pay for is the access call, then the specialist provider gets a cut of this.

For cheap access numbers, see

Last updated: 3:03pm, February 18 2010