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France votes for Palestine

By Naomi Firsht, December 4, 2014

French MPs voted in favour of recognising a Palestinian state this week.

The parliamentary motion, which was passed by 339 votes to 151, was non-binding and will have no real diplomatic effect.


Robbers rape Jewish teen in Paris 'hate' attack

December 4, 2014

A French Jewish, 19-year-old woman was raped on Monday night by one of three armed robbers who broke into the apartment she shared with her 21-year-old partner.

The three robbers, who reportedly told the couple they were targeting them "because Jews have money", were carrying handguns and a sawn-off shotgun.


I'm alive, says fighter

By David Lazarus, December 4, 2014

Reports that Islamic State terrorists had captured an Israeli-Canadian woman who had been training with Kurdish forces turned out to be false after she posted a note on Facebook on Monday saying she was fine.

"Guys, I'm totally safe and secure," wrote Gillian Rosenberg, 31.


Is antisemitism big in Venezuela?

By Michael Kaminer, December 4, 2014

At first, I tried convincing myself that the episodes were coincidences.

Days after arriving for a month-long stay in Caracas, Venezuela, I spotted a stylish young woman in a snug, red cotton T-shirt emblazoned with… a swastika. Underneath the image was a moustached "Hello, Kitty" figure and the words "Hello, Hitler".


Poland's mantelpiece Jews

By Isabel De Bertodano, December 4, 2014

Some people have porcelain cats on their mantelpieces; others have ceramic Buddhas. In Poland, people have small statues of Jews.

The wooden or clay figurines (above, a selection), found in markets across the country, generally feature thin men with long faces and large noses.


Three Israelis injured in West Bank terror attack

By Josh Jackman, December 3, 2014

Palestinian terrorists have attacked three Israelis in the West Bank city of Ma’ale Adumim, four miles north east of Jerusalem.

Two of the victims, both men in their 50s, were stabbed in a Rami Levy supermarket. The third casualty was a Magen David Adom paramedic who fought one of the two terrorists.


Woman raped as partner bound and gagged

By Orlando Radice, December 2, 2014

A French Jewish woman has been raped by armed attackers who broke into her apartment demanding money and hurling antisemitic insults.

The woman’s partner was bound and gagged while one of the men carried out the assault.

The attack took place in Créteil, south east of Paris.


French parliament votes to recognise Palestinian state

By Naomi Firsht, December 2, 2014

French MPs voted in favour of recognising a state of Palestine in a parliamentary session today.

The motion, which demands the French government recognise the state of Palestine, was passed by 339 votes to 151. It was non-binding and will have no real diplomatic effect. However, it echoes the symbolic votes by parliaments in the UK, Sweden, Spain and Ireland.


Knesset votes to dissolve in preparation for election

By Orlando Radice, December 2, 2014

The Knesset has voted to dissolve parliament, paving the way for elections.

The measure was passed unanimously by 84 votes to 0, with one abstention. The move will be finalised on Monday in second and third readings.

Knesset faction leaders agreed on March 17, 2015 as the date for the election.


Belarus mayor promises to protect cemetery

By Shyam Kumar, December 2, 2014

The mayor of a Belarusian city has promised to protect a Jewish cemetery that has been partly dug up by developers, with hundreds of tombstones recently discovered piled up near the construction site.