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Hollande awards Kantor the Legion d'Honneur

July 2, 2015

The President of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, was awarded the Légion d'Honneur this week for his work combatting intolerance and racism.

The award is the highest decoration in France, established by Napoleon Bonaparte, and can be handed out to recognise an individual in any field of activity.

The award was bestowed on Mr Kantor at the Élysée Palace by President Hollande for


French synagogues batten the hatches after Lyon jihad horror

By Michel Gurfinkiel, July 2, 2015

French police have said that the jihadi attack near Lyon last week was part of a wider terror operation and, as a result, Jewish institutions across the country are taking extra security measures.

Sources say that further terrorist attacks could happen at any moment and that while there are many targets, Jews and Israelis are clearly on the front line.


ADL poll shows drop in hate level

July 2, 2015

A new poll from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) shows a marked decline in antisemitic attitudes in major European countries.

According to the survey, the most pronounced fall in Jew-hate was in France, where the number of people expressing antisemitic attitudes plummeted from 37 per cent in 2014 to 17 per cent in 2015.

Germany experienced a decline from 27 to 16 per cent, and Belgium from 2


Donna Karan to step down as chief designer of her company

By Sandy Rashty, July 1, 2015

Donna Karan has stepped down as chief designer of the multi-million pound fashion brand she founded more than 30 years ago.

Her decision to leave Donna Karan New York (DKNY) – which is recognised for transforming the working woman’s wardrobe – was announced by the brand on Tuesday.


One thousand attend rally outside UN headquarters to protest latest report on Gaza

By Jessica Weinstein, June 29, 2015

More than 50 organisations and some 1,000 people from over dozen countries have gathered outside the UN headquarters in Geneva to protest against the recent report on last summer's war in Gaza.


'Charleston Jew-hate manifesto'

By Sebastien Malo, June 25, 2015

A racist manifesto that appears to be the work of Dylann Roof, the suspected killer of nine African-Americans in a South Carolina church, calls for the destruction of "Jewish identity".

The text, which surfaced online in the aftermath of the bloody rampage at a historic black church in Charleston last week, was being investigated by authorities to establish whether it was penned by Roof.


Greek MP in Auschwitz gate storm

By Victor Eliezer, June 25, 2015

a prominent Greek politician who is a member of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's governing coalition has provoked a storm by posting a picture of the gates of Auschwitz bearing the words "We remain in Europe" instead of the infamous slogan "Work sets you free".


'Obama's Muslim outreach stems from childhood'

By Anshel Pfeffer, June 25, 2015

A new and controversial book by Israel's former ambassador to the US is aggravating the already tense ties between the two countries.

Ally, by MK Michael Oren, which came out on Tuesday, has enraged US officials and elicited a stern rebuke from Mr Oren's own party leader.


Tension over French UN move

By Anshel Pfeffer, June 25, 2015

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius's visit to the Middle East on Sunday raised the prospect that the Obama administration may not veto a resolution France plans to bring to the UN Security Council on setting a timetable for the establishment of a Palestinian state.