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Don’t worry, the US is still the Great Satan

By JC Reporter, October 28, 2015

The Iranian news agency Fars last week ran a story in which the head of a local Islamist organisation was quoted as saying that American flags were not to be burnt any more — only those of Israel.

The quote from the group, which is closely linked to the regime’s feared Revolutionary Guards, caused a public storm.


Facebook being sued by 20,000 Israelis over online incitement

October 27, 2015

A group of 20,000 Israelis are suing Facebook for allegedly “connecting inciters to terrorists”.

The class-action lawsuit, filed in New York on Monday, accuses the social media company of ignoring large numbers of Palestinian posts calling for attacks on Jews, JTA reports.


Victim of Har Nof massacre dies of wounds – a year on

By Rosa Doherty, October 26, 2015

The Toronto-born rabbi injured in a Jerusalem synagogue attack has died of his injuries nearly a year after being stabbed.

Rabbi Howie Chaim Rotman, 55, had been in a coma since he was critically injured in the attack in November 2014.

In the incident, two Palestinian cousins entered Har Nof shul in West Jerusalem and set about murdering the worshippers with knives, axes and guns.


Hamas accuses Facebook of shutting down accounts

By Charlotte Oliver, October 23, 2015

Facebook has barred Hamas’s account and its related groups after responding to a “wide-ranging and organised complaint campaign”, according to a statement released by the terrorist group.


My new Portugal passport is one step towards justice

October 23, 2015

A 33-year-old Panamanian has become the first Sephardic Jew to obtain Portuguese nationality under a new law that enables descendants of Portuguese Jews living in other countries to claim their ancestral citizenship.


Kerry ‘optimistic’ after discussing violence with Netanyahu

By JC Reporter, October 22, 2015

Following a meeting in Berlin with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed “cautious optimism” that there may be a way to diffuse the tension between the Israelis and the Palestinians.


Kurdish parliament creates department for Jews

By Naomi Firsht, October 22, 2015

Iraqi Kurdistan has a new Jewish affairs representative, who wants to rebuild synagogues and reconnect Jews in the region to their roots.

In May, a law passed by the Kurdish parliament in the semi-autonomous region established seven new departments for various religious minorities within the government’s Ministry for Religious Affairs.


Concern over election of Trudeau in Canada

By David Lazarus, October 22, 2015

A prominent Canadian rabbi has said that many Jews were deeply unhappy with the victory of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in the country's national election this week.


App helps commemorate loved ones

By Josh Jackman, October 21, 2015

A new app has been released to remind people when to commemorate loved ones who have died.

The free "Jewish Funeral and Yahrzeit Memorial App" informs users of yahrzeit and yizkor dates on their Hebrew calendar and provides the right prayers and meditations for those occasions.


Argentina seeks arrest of 1992 terror suspects

By Jonathan Gilbert, October 21, 2015

Argentina's Supreme Court has taken steps to revive the investigation into the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires by requesting international arrest warrants for two Lebanese suspects.

The probe into the tragedy, a suicide car bomb attack that killed at least 22 people, had been largely paralysed. Hizbollah is widely believed to have been behind the bombing.