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Benjamin Netanyahu rejects call for Israel to take in Syrian refugees

By JC Reporter, September 6, 2015

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a call to allow Syrian refugees into the country.

Mr Netanyahu told cabinet colleagues that Israel was not indifferent to the plight facing the refugees.

But, according to Israeli media, he warned: “Israel is a small country, and we do not have the geographic and demographic depths [to absorb them].


Egypt gas field discovery threatens Israeli energy plans

By Anshel Pfeffer, September 3, 2015

The discovery of a potentially massive natural gas field in Egyptian territory has the potential to wreak havoc on Israel's plans to develop its own gas fields.

Italian energy giant ENI's announcement on Sunday that it had discovered a field initially assessed at around 30 trillion cubic feet - about 40 per cent larger than Israel's largest field, Leviathan - took Israel by surprise.


'Jewish Schindler' makes threat to sue Yazidi group

By Valentina Jovanovski, September 2, 2015

A Montreal businessman who started an organisation to rescue Yazidis and Christians held captive by Daesh is threatening to sue a Yazidi group that was critical of his project.


Gold rush starts for ‘Nazi train loot’

By JC Reporter, September 2, 2015

The city of Wałbrzych is experiencing a gold rush after two men claimed that they had found a Nazi train containing gold looted from Jews that went missing in spring, 1945.


‘I will be the only Jew on Mars’

By David Lazarus, September 2, 2015

It's not just a case of my-daughter-the-doctor.

American Dr Sheyna Gifford is also the only Jewish member of a year-long simulated Nasa space mission to Mars in which she is serving as a physician and neuroscientist.

She will also chronicle the mission, which "launched" August 28 in Hawaii, in a series of blog posts.


Germany warns Facebook over hate posts

By Jessica Weinstein, September 2, 2015

Facebook must be tougher on racist posts and Holocaust denial, German Justice Minister Heiko Maas has said.

Mr Maas accused Facebook of doing too little to both prevents racist posts on the social media platform and to remove the hate posts, even after they have been flagged and reviewed.


School rejects report that it is teaching three-year-olds that ‘non-Jews are evil’

By Charlotte Oliver, September 2, 2015

Reports that children at a strictly Orthodox school are being taught that “non-Jews are evil” are “wrong, false” and “sensational”, according to the school.

The Independent newspaper reported that the Beis Rochel D’Satmar Girls’ school in Hackney, east London, was using a worksheet aimed at “British three-year-olds” which made no distinction between Nazis and non-Jews.


Former Finchley rabbi resigns amid claims he shunned Australian sex abuse victims

By Dan Goldberg, September 2, 2015

The chief rabbi of the headquarters of Chabad in Melbourne has resigned amid accusations he led the shunning of child sexual abuse victims and their families.

Rabbi Tzvi Telsner, the longstanding rabbi of Finchley Central synagogue before taking up his post in Australia in 2007, stood down as head rabbi of the Yeshivah Centre on Tuesday, effective immediately.


Abbas to build $13m palace near Ramallah

By JC Reporter, August 28, 2015

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas is building a $13m palace in the West Bank, despite the Palestinian Authority’s current financial crisis.

The 27,000 sq m complex - called the Presidential Guest Palace - will include accommodation quarters, an administrative building and two helipads.


Auckland community's barmitzvah surprise

By JC Reporter, August 28, 2015

A chance conversation between Holocaust survivor Shmuel Rothbard and Rabbi Nathanel Friedler of New Zealand’s Auckland Hebrew Congregation (AHC) set the wheels in motion for a spontaneous barmitzvah celebration almost 70 years after it was started.