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Mumbai's terror-hit Chabad House rebuilt

By Jennifer Lipman, August 31, 2010

Work has started on a Chabad House in the Indian city of Mumbai to replace the one damaged during the terror attacks” of November 2008.

At the new centre there will be a memorial to the six people who were killed in Nariman House when Islamist terrorists went on a murderous rampage.

The Chabad emissary Rabbi Gavriel Holztberg and his wife Rivka were killed, along with four visitors to the house. The couple were murdered just days before their infant son’s second birthday.


9/11 mosque opponents ‘demonising Islam'

By Jennifer Lipman, August 30, 2010

The Anti-Defamation League’s national director has criticised opponents of the Ground Zero mosque for using it to justify scare tactics and as an excuse for “outrageous comments about Islam”.

Abraham Foxman, who has previously said the mosque and Islamic centre should be built elsewhere, warned that the controversy was being exploited by some “to demonise Muslims”.

But writing on the Huffington Post website he also said that supporters are wrong to label their opponents as bigoted.


German banker in 'Jewish gene' controversy

By Jennifer Lipman, August 30, 2010

German chancellor Angela Merkel has criticised one of the country’s most influential bankers for his inflammatory remarks about Jewish people.

Jewish leaders called for Thilo Sarrazin to lose his seat on the board of the Bundesbank (German Federal Bank) after he said: “All Jews share a particular gene […] that differentiate them from others."

The 65-year-old, who said the same about Basques, is a polarising figure in Germany because of his right wing views.


Top prize for 'Hitler' at Australian school

By Jennifer Lipman, August 27, 2010

The head teacher of an Australian school has issued an apology after awarding a child dressed as Adolf Hitler a prize for best costume.

At a fancy dress event at the Catholic primary school in Perth a pupil arrived dressed as the Nazi leader. Staff judged the costume, complete with swastika, as worthy of first place in the competition.

After parents complained about the decision the school sent out a letter of explanation, describing the costume and prize as “inappropriate.”


Glee's Lea Michele: 'too ethnic'

By Jennifer Lipman, August 27, 2010

Lea Michele has revealed that she was told she was “too ethnic” when she went to auditions.

The Jewish star, who plays the lead in Glee, also said casting directors told her she was not pretty enough.

But the 23-year-old said it was her admiration of another Jewish singer that helped win her the part of Rachel Berry.

“I met Ryan [Murphy, Glee’s creator] and we just had a great night talking about Barbra Streisand and our shared love for her.”


Appeal for shul vandalised with pig's head

By Jennifer Lipman, August 27, 2010

A businessman from London has launched a charity appeal after extremists left a pig’s head with a star of David carved on it at a Lithuanian synagogue.

Moshe Katz, who runs an IT company in Wimbledon, is hoping to raise enough money for CCTV equipment to guard against future attacks.


Daniel Pearl's father: don't build mosque

By Jennifer Lipman, August 26, 2010

The father of a Jewish journalist murdered by terrorists in Pakistan has voiced his opposition to the plan to build a mosque near the site of the September 11 attacks.


Analysis: The West is downplaying Iran's reactor at its peril

By Emanuele Ottolenghi, August 26, 2010

Last week's feeding of fuel into Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor came as a surprise. For years, Russia dragged its feet and found recurrent excuses to delay the completion of the Bushehr project. The ceremony marking the start of the reactor last Saturday indicates the last obstacle has now been removed.

Why Russia decided to proceed is open to debate - though one can surmise that Moscow wished to register its discontent with the autonomous sanctions that the US, Europe and other Western countries recently adopted against Iran's energy sector.


Amnesty head calls Israel 'scum state'

By Jennifer Lipman, August 25, 2010

The chairman of human rights organisation Amnesty International in Finland has described Israel as a “scum state”, prompting a call for him to resign.

Frank Johansson made the comment on a blog the Finnish tabloid newspaper Iltalehti.

The phrase used by Mr Johansson was “Israel on nikkimaa”, which one Finnish blogger also translated as meaning “punk”.

Referring to discussions with a friend who had lived in Israel for several years, he added: “he has come to the conclusion that 'Israel is a scum state.'


Hoffman, Streisand, Stiller film together again

By Jennifer Lipman, August 25, 2010

Barbra Streisand, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller are to be reunited on screen.

The trio are all set to appear in Little Fockers, the third installation in the successful Meet the Parents series.