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Anti-apartheid Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer dies aged 90

By Charlotte Oliver, July 14, 2014

South African author and Nobel Prize winning activist Nadine Gordimer died on Sunday at the age of 90, her family have announced.

A statement said the author, who was considered to be a leading world voice against apartheid, died peacefully in her sleep at home in Johannesburg, with her two children present.


Paris shul attacked with rocks

By Rosa Doherty, July 14, 2014

A synagogue in Paris came under siege last night during an anti-Israel protest.

Hundreds of congregants were attending a gathering for peace inside Synagogue de la Roquette when the building was attacked by demonstrators.

The attackers, numbering in the hundreds, had been on a march to Bastille Square, but broke off from the main protest to assault the shul.


Jewish life in east will disappear, says Ukrainian leader

By Orlando Radice, July 11, 2014

The head of the Ukrainian Confederation of Jewish Organisations believes that in the long term, Jewish life in eastern Ukraine is doomed.

Mr Zissels, speaking ahead of a conference on Jewish life in the Ukraine at University College London last week, estimated that around one third of the Jewish population in the east had already left, with a large majority looking to escape.


Berlin seeks law change on burials

By Toby Axelrod, July 11, 2014

Berlin's Jewish community is trying to change a longstanding state law banning burials within 48 hours after death.


Déjà vu? Another French chief rabbi accused of copying

By Roger Sloan and Shirli Sitbon, July 11, 2014

Two weeks after his election as Chief Rabbi of France, Haim Korsia has been accused of plagiarism.

The allegations come in the wake of an uproar over Rabbi Korsia's predecessor, Rabbi Gilles Bernheim, who stepped down after admitting to plagiarising several authors and lying on his CV.


I begged Hamas for a ceasefire, but they said: No, bring it on

By Gershon Baskin, July 10, 2014

I spent hours this week trying to convince my main Hamas contact to speak to his leaders to call for an immediate, unconditional, 24-hour ceasefire in order to stop the escalation.

My message made it all the way up to Khaled Mashal, Hamas's leader. I wanted to help prevent the inevitable deaths of innocent people and the destruction that this war would cause.


Pekerman's star on the rise but rabbis bemoan small attendances

By Marcus Dysch, July 10, 2014

The stand-out Jewish success story was Colombia coach José Pekerman steering his flair-filled side to the quarter-finals and a best-ever finish.

Argentinian Pekerman, who managed his own national side in the 2006 tournament, has seen his star rise.

The grandson of Ukrainian Jews, Pekerman is now back home in Buenos Aires' Jewish neighbourhood of Villa Crespo plotting his next move.


Long-range rocket fired towards Tel Aviv

By Charlotte Oliver, July 8, 2014

A long-range - probably Iranian-built - rocket was launched towards Tel Aviv from Gaza on Tuesday.

Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv as the missile was brought down south of the city by the Iron Dome defence system. Islamic Jihad claim responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, Gadera, Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon came under sustained rocket fire from Gaza.


Israel launches ‘Operation Protective Edge’ against Hamas

By Charlotte Oliver, July 8, 2014

Israel began a major counter-offensive against Hamas early on Tuesday morning in response to escalating rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

The offensive, labelled Operation Protective Edge, began with air and sea strikes on at least 50 sites in Gaza, including four houses belonging to militants and 18 concealed rocket launchers.


Lieberman pulls Yisrael Beiteinu out of deal with Likud

By Rosa Doherty, July 7, 2014

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is to dismantle the Likud-Beiteinu partnership.

Mr Lieberman said that he was withdrawing Yisrael Beiteinu from the party list it shares with Likud after he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disagreed over how to respond to the rocket fire from Gaza.