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Reggae festival apologises to Matisyahu and re-invites him to perform

By Jessica Weinstein, August 19, 2015

Jewish reggae star Matisyahu has been re-invited to perform at Spanish Reggae Festival Rototom having been dropped earlier this week.

Rototom issued a statement apologising for having asked the Jewish musician to publically support the Palestinians as a condition for performing and invited him to sing as originally scheduled on 22 August.


Hamas takes Mossad spy dolphin into custody

By Naomi Firsht, August 19, 2015

Hamas claims it has captured a dolphin that was spying for Israel.

The terrorist group claimed that the dolphin, found off the Gaza coast, was equipped with “spying equipment” including cameras.

The Israeli Navy does have a fleet of “Dolphin-class” submarines, but the Army Radio report made it clear Hamas was referring to a mammal.


‘World’s oldest Jew’ dies aged 114

By Jessica Weinstein, August 18, 2015

Goldie Steinberg, reported to be the world’s oldest Jewish person, died this week aged 114.

Mrs Steinberg - who was also the sixth-oldest person in the world - was born in 1900 in what is now Moldova, and survived the 1903 Kishinev pogrom in which 49 Jews died and 500 were injured over two days.


Jennifer Aniston's "wedding dress" picture goes viral - with a little help from Israeli designer

By Jessica Weinstein, August 17, 2015

Over the weekend a picture of Jennifer Aniston in her wedding dress went viral – with the help of an Israeli designer.

The picture was posted on Facebook from a "Jennifer Aniston" account with the message: “You have my whole heart for my whole life. ‪#‎WeddingDress‬”.


Matisyahu is victim of BDS antisemitism, say Spanish Jews

By Jessica Weinstein, August 17, 2015

Spanish Reggae festival Rototom has dropped Jewish musician Matisyahu from its line-up after he refused a request to publicly back a Palestinian state.


Pro-Palestinians mount protest as Paris hosts Tel Aviv beach day

By Naomi Firsht, August 14, 2015

A rival “Gaza beach” was set up in Paris as pro-Palestinians protested against a Tel Aviv-themed beach day yesterday.

Around 100 pro-Palestinians chanted “Palestine will live” and wore “boycott Israel” T-shirts as they protested at the Paris Plage urban beach on the banks of the river Seine.


Tight security as Paris celebrates Tel Aviv beach day

By Naomi Firsht, August 13, 2015

A Tel Aviv-themed day at a Paris urban beach began calmly despite an increase in security after pro-Palestinian groups called for protests.

Hundreds of police officers are patrolling “Tel Aviv sur Seine” today, a man-made beach along the banks of the River Seine known as Paris Plage.


Obama believes Congress will back Iran deal

By Anshel Pfeffer, August 13, 2015

More than a month before the Washington vote on the nuclear agreement with Iran, President Barack Obama has already secured the support of around 20 Democrat senators.

He needs 34 of them to back him in order to prevent the deal's opponents from reaching a majority that would halt the deal and prevent the removal of sanctions against Iran.


International forum launches for LGBTQ Jews

By Charlotte Oliver, August 12, 2015

More than 60 Jewish activists from around the world have gathered in Austria to launch an international forum aiming to further the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities.


Record number of visitors to Auschwitz in 2015

By Nissan Tzur, August 12, 2015

More than one million people have visited Auschwitz so far in 2015, the highest number ever recorded in the first seven months of a year.

The Auschwitz museum has estimated that, by the end of the year, the number of visitors will be above the 1.53 million people who toured the site last year.