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Israel treads carefully as Turkey teeters

By Anshel Pfeffer, July 21, 2016

The failed coup in Turkey against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday night caught the Israeli leadership by surprise. For hours, while the drama unfolded in Ankara and Istanbul, Jerusalem remained silent, awaiting developments.

All Israeli officials and diplomats were issued clear instructions not to make any comments.


Iran clause revealed

By Anshel Pfeffer, July 21, 2016

The existence of an appendix to the Iran nuclear deal, detailing how the Islamic Republic will be allowed to upgrade its uranium-enrichment programme in the future, was revealed this week.

According to a section of the deal published for the first time this week, from 2027, Iran will be allowed to replace its existing centrifuges - two-thirds of which it disconnected as part of the agreement -


BDS kills Spain-Tel Aviv flight

By Jessica Weinstein, July 21, 2016

The Spanish region of Galicia lost out on a direct flight to Israel with El Al as a result of its boycott of Israel. The plan - to open a service from Santiago de Compostella to Tel Aviv - failed after the city passed a BDS motion, filed in November.


'Exhume Polish Jewish graves'

By Jessica Weinstein, July 21, 2016

A Polish mayor has called for the exhumation of a Jewish mass-grave to help determine whether Polish locals or German soldiers perpetrated the Jedwabne massacre 75 years ago. Mayor Michael Chajewski said: "It's not all that clear."


Argentina’s president marks Amia bombing

By Jessica Weinstein, July 19, 2016

Monday marked 22 years since the bombing of the Amia Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires that left 85 people dead.

Argentina's President Mauricio Macri and senior members of his cabinet attended the memorial ceremony, whose motto this year was “memory unites us”.


The 'godfather of punk' dies at 78

By Daniel Sugarman, July 19, 2016

Alan Vega, one half of punk duo Suicide, has died at the age of 78.

You might not have heard of the American duo but Suicide’s creation of synthesiser rock has been credited as an inspiration to a number of the world’s most famous bands and music groups, including Radiohead, Pet Shop Boys and REM.


Alden Ehrenreich to play Han Solo in Star Wars spin-off

By JC Reporter, July 18, 2016

The actor due to play a young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars spin-off has been announced – and it’s Jewish star Alden Ehrenreich.

Mr Ehrenreich, 26, will play the character made famous by Harrison Ford in 1977 in a prequel about the early life of Han Solo, one of the series’ most famous characters.


Jewish woman injured in Nice terror attack dies of her wounds

By Shirli Sitbon, July 17, 2016

A Jewish woman who was taken into hospital following the truck-ramming attack in Nice last Thursday has died.

Raymonde Mamane, 77, was critically injured and put on a respirator following the outrage but succumbed to her injuries on Sunday. Her sister Clara Bensimon, 80 is still in a coma according to reports, which also say she had to have her legs amputated as a result of her injuries.


Attempted coup in Turkey will not affect deal with Israel, says Netanyahu

By JC Reporter, July 16, 2016

The reconciliation process between Israel and Turkey will continue despite the move to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.


Jewish stars nominated for Emmies

By JC Reporter, July 15, 2016

The list of Emmy nominees for the 2016 awards was announced today.

Among the roll call of the actors and TV shows you have been watching all year, a number of Jewish stars got the nod ahead of the ceremony on September 18.