Palestinian militant's threat to Bruno

By Jessica Elgot, July 28, 2009

Bruno actor Sacha Baron Cohen has stepped up his security after a threat from the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.
He ridiculed the group in the film when he visited the Palestinian militia’s leader Ayman Abu Aita.

Mr Baron Cohen’s character, a gay Austrian fashionista told Mr Aita: “Your King Osama looks like a kind of a dirty wizard or a homeless Santa.”

The group said the British comedian made "dirty use" of Mr Aita and said the film’s producers had misled them as to the real context of the film.

Now the organization, which is made up of various Palestinian groups in the West Bank who have claimed responsibility for suicide bombings and kidnappings have said: “The movie was part of a conspiracy. We reserve the right to respond accordingly.”

The group has been classed as a terrorist organisation by the US and EU.

Mr Baron Cohen is said to be taking the threat seriously.

Last updated: 3:21pm, July 28 2009