Neo-Nazi attack on Budapest shul

By Thomas Land, September 18, 2009

Europe’s largest shul was attacked last week by an antisemitic crowd venting their frustration that police had stopped them disrupting a Gay Pride Parade taking place nearby.

The Great Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest celebrated its 150th anniversary the next day.
During the ceremony, Prime Minister Gordon Bajnaj expressed regret that the building still needs permanent police protection from neo-Nazi thugs.

During the riots following the parade, which took place in the old Jewish ghetto, some 500 neo-Nazis and skinheads attacked identifiably Jewish Hungarians and foreign tourists attending the Budapest Jewish Cultural Festival.

A British tourist was beaten up. There were more than 40 arrests leading to some 30 charges, including riotous behaviour and the possession of offensive weapons.

Last updated: 12:08pm, September 18 2009