Mother accuses ‘hate cult’ over son’s death

By Toby Axelrod, April 2, 2009

The mother of a British student who died in Wiesbaden, Germany six years ago, is fighting to raise awareness of what she describes as the destructive, antisemitic cult she blames for his death.

Erica Duggan, whose son, Jeremiah, died after attending a meeting of the LaRouche Schiller Institute in Wiesbaden, returned to the scene of his death for a rally and conference focusing on the network of organisations associated with American extremist Lyndon LaRouche and his German wife, Helga Zepp.

Ms Duggan said witnesses told her that Jeremiah was terrorised by followers of the LaRouches after he objected to antisemitic statements and identified himself as a Jew. Ultimately, Jeremiah fled into busy traffic and was hit several times by oncoming vehicles.

The German supreme court is considering Ms Duggan’s appeal against an original finding of suicide.

Ms Duggan said she had gone to Wiesbaden “to break the silence about how my son died… and about the antisemitism that has spread out from this part of Germany”.

She said that youngsters had been recruited by the organisation for nearly a decade.

Responding via his website, LaRouche called the protesters “A well known group of miscreants, steered by circles associated with the British Fabian Society and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.”

Last updated: 11:00am, April 2 2009