Matzah sent to Bahrain

By James Martin, April 7, 2009

One of the world’s most isolated Jewish communities will celebrate Pesach thanks to a parcel from Edgware’s Lubavitch emissary.

The parcel contains Pesach supplies for 15 families in Bahrain and was sent by air after special permission was gained from the Bahraini Embassy in London.

Rabbi Leivi Sudack, of the Lubavitch movement, said: “We are helping the community in Bahrain, which is very small and detached from the wider Jewish world, to celebrate Pesach fully.

“We are sending them all the things you need to celebrate the festival, including matzot and wine, as well as food for the whole week.

“In previous years they have either had to bake their own matzot or bring them in from elsewhere.”

The Jewish community in Bahrain is thought to number less than 50, mainly descendents of émigrés from India and Iraq. There is a synagogue and a small Jewish cemetery.

Last updated: 10:17am, April 7 2009