Hostility on the rise in Yemen after murder

December 18, 2008

Islamist extremists in Yemen are continuing to intimidate a small Jewish community following the murder of a Jewish teacher, according to a local rabbi. Moshe Yaish Nahari, who taught at the yeshivah in the village of Raydah, was shot dead last Thursday by a suspected extremist.
Rabbi Yahia Yaish bin Yahia told reporters: “Raydah is no longer like the old days. Raydah today is full of monsters.”

Although a man has been arrested on suspicion of the murder, Rabbi bin Yahia said that the authorities had long ignored complaints from the community about rising hostility.

People had broken his windows, and harassed Jews in the streets. “Some have even raised their guns to our chests and necks, to our women’s and children’s necks,” he said.

Most of the 400 Jews who still live in Yemen are in Raydah, around 50 miles north of the capital Sana’a.

Last updated: 5:44pm, December 18 2008