Hostages released from Chabad House

November 27, 2008

Many of the Jewish hostages held by Islamic terrorists are understood to have been released from the Chabad House in Mumbai.

Israeli TV had reported that one of the hostages was forced at gunpoint to call the Israeli embassy in New Delhi with the captors' demand for the release of Islamic terrorists from Indian jails.

Full details are unclear. But among the hostages taken early on Thursday morning was rabbi Gabriel Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka.

Terrorists raided the offices in Hormusji Street after a day of unrest in the city. Indian special forces killed one of the gunmen but four others managed to barricade themselves inside.

Last updated: 6:55pm, November 27 2008


Max Freedman

Sun, 11/30/2008 - 16:18

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Mumbai - India situation is probably one of the most tragic happening in our life time , it's painful to comment on, its so sad for all of us no difference if we knew the victims or not, its a loss for all of Klall Yisroel. May Hahem give their families and us comfort; help lead us to the ultimate Geulah in the near future, Amen.

I was thinking what lesson can I take from this tragedy for my self, please allow me to share a couple of points that I have derived from this situation, to try and better myself, I am not trying to point fingers at any one, I'm simply thinking out loud.

First, We always have to remember what Chazel teach us, that NOTHING ever happens in the world by itself, everything that happened since the first moment of creation is all done and approved by Hashem Yisborch.

Second, As Jews we have to believe that what ever happens in our lifetime is good for us, even though we can't see how something so tragic could possibly be considered good, but as we know that it's Hashems doings it must be good for us, Hashems ways are only good he is a Ruchum V'chunun, there has to be something "good" for us hidden in every difficult situation that we are not on a level to imagine yet.

Third, The people who Hashem ended their life so suddenly must have been very great - special people, holy Neshomes, they have tremendous Zechusim, as a amall example, they where able to unite Klall Yisroel have all of us, no matter of our background, from all around the globe, Daven for their safety etc. 50 - 60 hours around the clock, when was the last time that we all felt so close to each other having Yiden all over the world pray so much, same time, for the same topic to Hashem.

Forth, Where did it happen? in a Bais Hamedresh a Shul building: lets examine our selves and see if we are careful with the full amount of respecting one has to have for a Shul / Bais Medresh as it says in Shulchan Aruch? What percentage of us can honestly say that we go to Shul JUST to Daven and not to socialize? Are we on guard not to Shmuz or not to answer our Cell / Mobil phones during Davening? Do we pray with enough Kavonah? How many keep quiet during Laning when we read from the holy Torah? (and don't join the Kiddush club) sad to say, I have visited places that there is so much talking during Davening that's its a Chilul Hashem to step into a so called Shul... So why do we wonder why Hashem is showing us so much anger.

Fifth, One or more of the Kedoshim at the seen was a Mashgiach for a very reliable Kashrus organization; I think it time that we are careful what we eat and whom we can trust to certify our foods, what foods enter our homes. We can't go with the attitude when I go to a Shimcha / Kidush / Hotel / Restaurant etc. I rely totally on the Mashgiach no matter who he is, we have to go and investigate the kitchen situation see whom we are relying on, would I rely on him or her for my business advice too? Or if we hear that a cretin product is questionable do we care, or our attitude is: well it has a Kosher symbol on the packaging it's enough for me, the rest it's not my problem.

Sixth, The Kedoshim where reported as hostages for some time, WHY DID HASHEM MAKE THIS into a HOSTAGE SITUATION? Maybe the strong message
is: Hashem is crying out to us and saying: I (Hashem) am hostage for "two thousand years" please turn back to me, do Teshuva from the bottom of your hearts, get me back to the Bais Hamikdosh, A.S.A.P. Hashem is in great pain, being in Golus such a long time is not easy, he is waiting for us to repent, have Achdus and greet Moshiach.

May we all use this horrifying experience to get closer to Hashem, do Teshuva obey our holy Torah, and be Zocha to see with our own eyes the Geulah in the near future.