Holocaust denier Dr Fredrick Toben faces jail

By Dan Goldberg, April 22, 2009

Australia’s most notorious Holocaust revisionist faces a possible jail sentence less than six months after he spent 50 days inside Wandsworth Prison.

Dr Fredrick Toben, the director of the Adelaide Institute in South Australia, was found guilty last week of criminal contempt for continuing to publish material denying the Holocaust, doubting the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz and vilifying Jews in defiance of a 2002 Federal Court order.

In his judgment in the Federal Court in Adelaide, Justice Bruce Lander ruled that Toben, 64, was guilty on 24 of 28 counts of “deliberate and calculated disobedience” of the previous court order.

Toben was jailed in London for almost two months last year while German prosecutors tried unsuccessfully to extradite him. In 1999, he spent seven months in prison in Germany, his birthplace, for inciting racism.

Last updated: 4:13pm, April 23 2009