Gefilte fish flown out to troops

April 6, 2009

Gefilte fish are being shipped to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Gulf to ensure that no American Jewish serviceman is without home comforts for Pesach.

Six hundred Pesach kits have been sent to US military units, including festival essentials such as a box of regular matzah and one of chocolate-coated matzah, a large jar of gefilte fish, macaroons, sweets, a yarmulke, a Haggadah and a booklet explaining the essence and traditions of Passover.

The kits are designed to enable Jewish servicemen to have "a taste of Pesach" when they are unable to attend family or communal services.

They were sent by the Jewish Community Centre Movement, a US government agency which serves the religious and social needs of Jewish military personnel.

Last updated: 2:31pm, April 6 2009