Morsi: Zionists are ‘descendants of pigs’

By Sandy Rashty, January 7, 2013

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi called Zionists “bloodsuckers” and descendants of pigs in a television interview aired in 2010 and transcribed recently by Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri).

In his statement on the Lebanese channel Al-Quds TV, made before he was elected, Mr Morsi also called for a Muslim “military resistance” against the Jewish state and said that all Israeli-Palestinian negotiations were “a waste of time and opportunities”.

Mr Morsi said: “The Zionists have no right to the land of Palestine. There is no place for them on the land of Palestine. By no means do we recognise their Green Line. The land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinians, not to the Zionists.”

President Morsi also called for an international boycott of Israel.

“[Jews] are hostile by nature - they have been fanning the flames of civil strife wherever they were throughout history,” he said.

“There should also be political resistance and economic resistance through a boycott, as well as by supporting the resistance fighters.

"This should be the practice of the Muslims and the Arabs outside Palestine. They must not be given any opportunity, and must not stand on any Arab or Islamic land. They must be driven out of our countries.”

This is a far cry from Mr Morsi’s letter to Israeli President Shimon Peres last July in which he called Mr Peres a “great and good friend”.

During the Arabic TV interview, President Morsi called all Zionists “blood-suckers, warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.”

Last updated: 11:14am, January 7 2013