US senator calls on Europe to designate Hizbollah a terrorist organisation

By Sandy Rashty, December 11, 2012
Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (Photo: AP)

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (Photo: AP)

European governments must recognise Hizbollah as a terrorist organisation to prevent recruitment and fundraising in their respective countries, according recommendations in a draft US resolution.

Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, the president’s adviser on terrorism, drafted the resolution in a bid to drawn attention to the activities of the Lebanon-based militant group.

The resolution was drawn up to prevent Hizbollah from using EU “for fundraising, recruitment, financing, logistical support, training, and propaganda.”

More than 50 senators have signed the resolution, which references Hizbollah’s role in attacks on Israelis in Bulgaria in July, the Israeli Embassy in Argentina in 1992 and the Jewish centre in Buenos Aires in 1994.

Speaking in October, Mr Lieberman said: “Without international recognition of and action against Hezbollah’s terrorism, the group will continue to operate with impunity and it will be able to raise funds that enable its terrorist activity.”

Last updated: 5:30pm, December 11 2012