Diaspora groups voice support for Israel under attack

By Jennifer Lipman, November 15, 2012

Diaspora groups have expressed support for Israel and emphasised its right to defending itself as rocket fire rains down on civilians living near to the Gaza border.

Israel launched Operation "Pillar of Cloud" on Wednesday, which is thought to be the most serious military action carried out in the region for four years, after enduring a sustained barrage of rocket and mortar fire over the border. There have now been civilian casualties on both sides.

In the UK, the Board of Deputies of British Jews posted a statement on Twitter, noting that "no other country would see its civilians being targeted and do nothing - Israel [is] entitled to protect itself." They added: "Our prayers are with all innocent civilians in Mid East. Loss of life is to be mourned but Israel has legitimate right to defend her people."

The Anti-Defamation League pointed out that "in the face of the unceasing rocket and mortar fire" launched by terrorist groups including Hamas, Israel had shown tremendous restraint. "This operation is directly targeting the leadership responsible for these attacks, as well as the warehouses and facilities housing their weapons," said national director Abraham Foxman. "No country in the world would stand by and tolerate such attacks on more than a million civilians."

A British based charity is urging people to donate money in order to support the more than a million Israeli civilians living in the firing line. Donors can give to UK Toremet and specify which charity their money goes to and what project it is used for, including emergency aid, building shelters and rebuilding homes, and medical treatment for the injured.

Last updated: 12:38pm, November 15 2012