Norway rejects medal for anti-Israel activist

By Anna Sheinman, November 15, 2012
‘Problematic’: Trond Ali Linstad (Photo: PA)

‘Problematic’: Trond Ali Linstad (Photo: PA)

A well-known Norwegian activist who has advocated Arab terrorism against the state of Israel has had a prestigious award withdrawn by the state of Norway.

Trond Ali Linstad was nominated to receive Norway’s Royal Medal of Merit, which recognises service in the fields of art, science and industry, and outstanding public service.

The award was to recognise his work in promoting education for immigrants. He is the founder of Urtehagen, an Islamic charity that runs nurseries and educational programmes for women.

However, he warns on his website that his readers should “beware of the Jews” and alleges that Jews have control over the media and in politics. He refers to violence against Israel as a “great success” and frequently uses the term “Kharibat Khybar!” which the US-based Anti Defamation League states is: “a recognised jihadist term for violence against Jews in the context of anti-Israel actions”.

The medal was due to be awarded on Tuesday by Oslo Mayor Fabian Stang on behalf of the King of Norway, Harald V. “I usually award the king’s service medals with pleasure, but in this case I evaluated it as problematic,” Mayor Stang told Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.

Last updated: 4:45pm, November 15 2012