Plot to kidnap Tunisian Jews foiled

By Sandy Rashty, November 1, 2012

A terrorist group that planned to kidnap Tunisian Jews has been arrested and put on trial.

The fundamentalist group, led by a senior police officer, plotted to snatch community members while on their usual seaside walk after Friday-night synagogue service.

The Salafi jihadist police officer, who has not been named, used a loan to purchase firearms, vehicles and recruit young Tunisians to help with the attack. A high ransom was planned.

Ironically, the officer had been heavily involved in a national security programme to protect Jews in south Tunisia.

Arab media outlets reported that the would-be attackers were aiming to scare the remaining 1,500 remaining Jews in the southwest Zarzis resort into leaving the country.

Last updated: 6:20pm, November 1 2012