Hamas release video reconstructing Shalit’s capture

By Anna Sheinman, October 19, 2012
A still from the Hamas video

A still from the Hamas video

On the first anniversary of Gilad Shalit’s release, Hamas’s military wing has released a film purporting to describe how the abduction was carried out.

The 44 minute Arabic-language video, released on Thursday, claims that Sergeant Shalit thought his abductors were Jewish, because they were wearing outfits resembling IDF uniforms. According to the video, when terrorists reached the Israeli soldier’s tank he shouted “I’m a Jew, I’m a Jew!”

The video opens with several interviews with Hamas officials. It explains the training undertaken by the terrorists who carried out the kidnap, and how the plan was developed. It then contains a re-enactment of the 2006 base raid which ended in Mr Shalit’s capture.

It is alleged that the team dug under the security fence, and that the explosive charge placed on the tank was detonated using an anti-tank missile.

The video was released as Mr Shalit celebrated one year’s freedom, giving his first interview to Israel Channel 10 this week.

Last updated: 2:24pm, October 19 2012