Senior member of Budapest Jewish community attacked

By Sandy Rashty, October 11, 2012

A senior member of the Budapest Jewish community was attacked on his was home from synagogue last week, one week after the Hungarian prime minister gave a speech promoting nationalist “blood and soil” ideology.

According to various media reports, András Kerényi, president of the south Pest district, was kicked in the stomach by two men as they told him: “You’ll perish, rotten stinking Jews”.

The attack was praised by the nationalist Szent Korona radio station. The commentator said attack was “a response to general Jewish terrorism. Unfortunately, the good attackers were captured very quickly.”

The attack came less than a week after Prime Minister Viktor Orbán gave a speech celebrating “Hungarian blood”. He said: “The Hungarians’ Turul archetype is born, just like in our language and history. Our seven tribes enter into a blood covenant. New laws are approaching the world of continental Europe. In this emerging new world, the first commandment is: unite the strong, the weak will fall away.”

Last updated: 6:45pm, October 11 2012