Samuel L Jackson in Jewish group's pro-Obama campaign

By Jennifer Lipman, September 27, 2012
Samuel L Jackson lectures his audience

Samuel L Jackson lectures his audience

A Jewish group has joined forces with actor Samuel L Jackson in a video campaigning against Mitt Romney.

With just over a month to go before the United States votes on whether to return Democrat Barack Obama to the White House or elect Republican Mr Romney, campaigners on both sides are working hard to spread the word about their favoured candidate.

Jewish voters in the US have traditionally tended to back the Democratic Party, and the Jewish Council for Education and Research has not bucked this trend for 2012.

The organisation, which was behind comedian Sarah Silverman's Great Schlep campaign four years ago – a public call to Jewish grandchildren to convince their more conservative grandparents in the key swing state of Florida to vote for Obama – has this week released a video clip channelling the popular satirical children's book "Go the F*** to Sleep".

The book, written by Adam Mansbach, proved to be a huge success despite its unusual approach to bedtime reading. Mr Mansbach himself has written the script for the political version, which is called "Wake the F*** Up" and is narrated by Mr Jackson.

The verses take viewers on a journey round an American house, as a young girl attempts to bring to her parents' and siblings' attention the potential consequences if President Obama loses in November.

In the three and a half minute clip, the Snakes on a Plane actor covers subjects from education to care for the elderly, and says things like: "Big brother, please, Obama sent Seals to Bin Laden's place, Romney sent jobs overseas."

Another line reads: "Sorry my friends but there's no time to snore… An out-of-touch millionaire has just declared war."

"My hopes are that the video helps … remind people of Obama's accomplishments and the stakes of this election, and galvanise people to get out and get active," Mr Mansbach told Yahoo! News.

Meanwhile, Sarah Silverman has also released a new pro-Obama video for the JCER, this time called "Let My People Vote", which encourages voters to be aware of strict voter registration policies.

The JCER is a super political action committee, a group that is not officially affiliated to any candidate but campaigns for a specific individual or political party.

Last updated: 3:43pm, September 27 2012