Joan Rivers attacks Cosco for book ban

By Jennifer Lipman, August 8, 2012
Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers

The American Jewish comedian Joan Rivers has accused the retailer Costco of behaving like Nazi Germany.

The star, 79, handcuffed herself to a shopping trolley at a Los Angeles branch of the store on Tuesday and had to be forcibly removed by security officers.

Her demonstration was prompted by the discovery that Costco had refused to sell her latest book due to x-rated jokes that are featured on the book's back cover.

Using a megaphone to attack the store for censoring her, accoridng to TMZ she said: "Costco should not be like Nazi Germany. Next thing they'll be burning the Bible."

Police were called to the scene but no charges were filed.

Known for her outspoken jokes, Joan Rivers once said that as she got older, performing became less of a challenge. "You find out that the only good thing about ageing is that you don't give a damn anymore," she said.

Her latest book is called "I hate everything… starting with me."

Last updated: 11:53am, August 8 2012