Israelis on Cyprus were 'tracked'

By Anshel Pfeffer, July 26, 2012

Since the terror attack last Wednesday at Burgas, which claimed the lives of seven people, including five Israeli tourists, a pattern has been emerging of similar attempts on Israeli targets.

One other destination that seems to have been under consideration by terrorists is Cyprus, where a suspect was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly carrying out surveillance of Israeli tourists.

Israel’s leaders have accused both Iran and Hizbollah of organising the Burgas attack, alleging that the Lebanese movement is “Iran’s long-arm for terror”. Both the Iranian government and Hizbollah spokesmen have denied the accusations.

In Cyprus on Monday, Justice Minister Loucas Louca said that a 24-year-old suspect had been arrested in Limassol for collecting information on the movements of Israeli tourists on the island. Mr Louca said that “some patterns of his behaviour were the same as that of the terrorist in the Bulgarian terrorist attack”.

While the Bulgarian security services have not yet ascertained the identity of the Burgas bomber, Israeli officials said that he was an operative with links to both Iran and Hizbollah.
While Mr Louca said that the suspect in Limassol does not belong to an organisation on the European Union’s list of terrorist groups, local newspapers reported that he is a Swedish citizen of Lebanese descent and has ties to Hizbollah.

Last updated: 3:33pm, July 26 2012