Pregnant woman named among Israelis killed in Bulgaria

By Jennifer Lipman, July 20, 2012
The scene at Burgas airport

The scene at Burgas airport

Funerals are to be held for the five Israeli tourists who were killed when their bus exploded at a Bulgarian airport.

The bodies of the victims have been flown to Israel. Among the dead was Kochava Shriki, a 42-year-old from Rishon Letzion, who was travelling with her husband when they discovered they were expecting a child. Four other men Amir Menashe and Itzik Kolangi, both 28, and Maor Harush, 24, and Elior Price, 25, were also named as victims, along with the Bulgarian coach driver.

Thirty-three people who were wounded in the blast, for which Israel has blamed Iran, were also flown back to Israel to receive further treatment.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel would “pursue the attackers and extract a heavy price from those who sent them”.

He added: “We will continue fighting Iranian terror, we will act against it with great force.” According to a US official who spoke to the Associated Press, the terrorist – who was also killed in the explosion at Burgas – was part of a Hizbollah cell.

In Bulgaria, prosecutor Kalina Chapkanova said their investigations had revealed that the alleged bomber was refused a car when he tried to rent it earlier that week, because the rental agency owner thought his licence was suspicious. The man is understood to have been carrying a Michigan driving licence, which FBI agents said was a fake.

Last updated: 12:16pm, July 20 2012