Yad Vashem targeted by anti-Zionist vandals

By Jennifer Lipman, June 11, 2012
The hall of names at Yad Vashem

The hall of names at Yad Vashem

Israel's national Holocaust memorial has been targeted by anti-Zionist vandals.

Graffiti was found at ten different places in Yad Vashem, the museum on the outskirts of Jerusalem dedicated to victims of the Nazi regime, including next to the statue commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

The slogans that were sprayed by the vandals included "Jews, wake up, the evil Zionist regime doesn't protect us, it jeopardises us," and "Hitler, thank you for the Holocaust".

Another read: "The Zionists wanted the Holocaust."

The chairman of Yad Vashem said he believed extremist strictly Orthodox Jews were behind the vandalism, because one of the slogans was signed "world ultra-Orthodox Jewry".

Police are investigating what happened, but have not confirmed who they believe to be responsible.

"We are shocked and dazed by this callous expression of burning hatred against the Zionists and Zionism," said Yad Vashem's chairman, Avner Shalev. "This unprecedented act crosses a red line."

Fiona Hulbert, of the Council of Christians and Jews, said: "We are very distressed to see this graffiti, and want to assure everyone at Yad Vashem of our friendship and support. This shows that your work is needed today as much as it ever was."

Last updated: 12:59pm, June 11 2012