German firm sends hate mail to Israel

By Toby Axelrod, May 10, 2012

A Tel Aviv businesswoman who received antisemitic emails from a German company says a written apology is not enough.

Eti Doron, 53, owner of the Toysim gift shop in Tel Aviv, is considering suing the supplier that sent her two hate-mails after she asked to delay a 600-euro purchase.

In his letters to Ms Doron, Walter Adler, founder of Hoff-Interieur in Nuremberg, called her "a real Jew, not only a liar but also a cheater". The 75-year-old - whose firm is now run by his children, Lars and Kerstin - also repeated the age-old antisemitic canard that "some people with your origin are the pestilence-plague for human beings. We never thought that this is true, but you confirmed."

Adler's family now says he is suffering from mild dementia, and both they and he have apologised. In an email sent last Friday, Adler said he "regret[ted] deeply" writing the two "inadequate, insulting and unobjective emails".

Ms Doron said it is "not a matter if I believe this or not. They said some very bad things. A small or big apology is not enough… I think that they have to be punished, as a warning so that nothing like this will ever happen again." She said she has not yet contacted a lawyer but has been seeking advice on the matter.

Last updated: 4:22pm, May 10 2012