Biden: Obama best for Israel since Truman

By Jennifer Lipman, April 27, 2012

Barack Obama has been praised for doing more for Israel's security than any other president since the Jewish state was established.

His vice-president, Joe Biden, said the president's record was equalled only by Harry Truman, who was in office in 1948 when the US offered the fledgling state recognition.

Mr Biden, speaking at New York University as Israel marked its 64th birthday, referred to the US government's support of the Iron Dome.

"We funded…a missile defence system that recently intercepted those rockets coming out of Gaza…saving homes, schools, hospitals and the men, women and children who inhabit them.

"The U S. and Israel's top political, defence, and security intelligence officers are engaged in the most consistent, comprehensive consultations ever."

He added: "Iran is more isolated and the international community more united in their effort to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon than ever before,"

With Republican politician Newt Gingrich set to drop out of his party's nomination race by Tuesday, Mitt Romney has been all but crowned as President Obama's challenger for the November election.

Mr Romney has previously outlined his staunch support for Israel and it is expected that foreign policy in this area will be a key issue in the race.

Last updated: 4:08pm, April 27 2012