Indian police deport Iranian spying suspect

By Jennifer Lipman, April 27, 2012

The Indian authorities have deported an Iranian man believed to be spying on Israeli and Jewish targets, according to reports in the Indian media.

The 40-year-old PhD student was understood to have been scouting out the Chabad House and a synagogue and spying on Israelis in the city of Pune.

The Pune Mirror alleged that the man, Hamid Kashkouli, was also being paid by Tehran intelligence.

Police began monitoring his emails after they noticed his regular visits to the Iranian c onsulate in Mumbai.

The deportation comes two months after three Iranians were accused of being behind an attack on the Delhi Israeli embassy. A diplomat's wife was injured in the attack, and Israel publicly blamed Iran for masterminding it.

Last updated: 3:56pm, April 27 2012