Mel Gibson makes another Jewish joke

By Jennifer Lipman, April 20, 2012

Mel Gibson has angered critics by making another comment deemed offensive to Jews.

His jokey remark about how a Jewish producer didn't "look Jewish" came a week after a screenwriter accused him of antisemitism in a nine-page letter to the actor.

The Braveheart star made the comment during a question and answer panel discussion for a new film. He noted that the director was wearing a star of David necklace and expressed surprise when producer Stacy Perskie revealed he too was Jewish.

Last week Joe Eszterhas, who had been commissioned to write a script for a Gibson-helmed film about Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee, accused the actor of believing in the blood libel and questioning the facts of the Holocaust.

Mr Eszterhas said he had heard Mr Gibson use offensive terms including "Jewboy" and "Hebe", and refer to a "Jewish / Masonic conspiracy to destroy the Catholic church".

The film has been shelved by Warner Bros, and Mr Gibson has accused the writer of delivering a poor script.

Last updated: 12:09pm, April 20 2012