Sacha Baron Cohen: Oscars ban is work of 'Zionists'

By Jennifer Lipman, February 24, 2012
Sacha Baron Cohen as the Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen as the Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen has blamed "Zionists" for a possible ban on his presence at the Academy Awards.

The actor and comedian has been warned not to attend the ceremony if he continues with his plan to come dressed as the Middle Eastern ruler from his new film, The Dictator.

But in a statement on the website of the Republic of Wadiya - the fictional land ruled by Mr Baron Cohen's character from the film – the actor said that the matter was not closed.

Writing late on Thursday, he said: "Admiral General Aladeen will deliver a formal response tomorrow morning to being banned from the Oscars by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Zionists".

Mr Baron Cohen has previously run into trouble with the Oscar organisers; five years ago he refused to present an award at the ceremony because he was not allowed to go dressed as Borat.

Last updated: 3:15pm, February 24 2012