Apple asked to remove app offering 'Medieval' anti-Jewish stereotypes

By Jennifer Lipman, February 17, 2012

Stumped for an unflattering word that also means "Jew"? Spanish-speaking iPhone users have found a solution.

A Spanish-language thesaurus application called "iSinĂ³nimos" is available in the iTunes store for free. But the app, sold by developer Alberto Garcia Hierro, brings up some surprising results.

According to the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, the words offered instead of Judio (Jew) include terms meaning stingy, tightwad and miser.

The Los Angeles-based centre has called on Apple to remove the app because of its "bigotry".

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the centre, said: "The most successful company in the 21st century should not allow its iTunes store to serve as a digital bridge to hateful and dangerous anti-Jewish stereotypes dating back to Medieval times."

Last year French antiracism groups complained after a developer built an app allowing people to guess which public figures were Jewish. Apple axed "Jew or Not Jew" removed it from the store soon after.

Last updated: 2:04pm, February 17 2012