Israeli PM: Iran to blame for Delhi embassy car explosion

By Jennifer Lipman, February 13, 2012
The diplomat's car on fire in Delhi (Photo: Joji Philip Thomas)

The diplomat's car on fire in Delhi (Photo: Joji Philip Thomas)

The Israeli Prime Minister has blamed Iran for an attack on an Israeli diplomat's car in Delhi.

A woman, believed to be the wife of a diplomat, was injured in the blast near the Israeli embassy. The car went up in flames on Monday afternoon, Delhi time.

The explosion in India occurred as staff at Israel's embassy in Georgia managed to disable a device before it could do any damage.

Israeli diplomatic staff around the world had already been put on high alert, in anticipation of reprisal attacks for the death of Hizbollah's terrorist mastermind, Imad Moughniyeh, four years ago on Sunday.

Benjamin Netanyahu told members of his Likud Party that he believed Iran was behind both attempts as well a s recently thwarted ones in Azerbaijan and Thailand. He said: "In all those cases, the elements behind these attacks were Iran and its protégé Hizbollah."

Iran's ambassador to India has denied the claim and labelled Mr Netanyahu's comments "lies".

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said that the events in Delhi showed that Israel and its citizens faced terror "inside and outside of Israel".

He said: "We know how to identify exactly who is responsible for the attack and who carried it out. We will not allow this to affect our agenda."

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said its thoughts and prayers were with all those affected in India and Georgia.

"We are shocked and appalled by the terrorist attack against the Israeli embassy in New Delhi," said a spokesman. "This attack reminds us that Israel, in her struggle for peace and security, must continually endure the threat of violence by those who wish to see nothing but bloodshed."

Dan Diker, the secretary general of the World Jewish Congress, said: "The time has come for the international community to take decisive action against this murderous regime. Iran is the key factor fomenting instability and violence in the Middle East and around the world."

Last updated: 5:52pm, February 13 2012