Europe forming its own Anti-Defamation League

By Toby Axelrod, December 8, 2011

A new European task force is being created to fight rising antisemitism on the continent, Jewish leaders in Brussels announced last week.

The new body will be run with the help of the New York-based Anti-Defamation League and will be modelled on the American organisation.

The announcement came at a conference hosted in Brussels by the European Jewish Union (EJU) and Tzedek, a European Jewish lawyers' association.

Tomer Orni, CEO of the EJU, said that the three organisations would work together to devise a new approach to the age-old threat.

"Unfortunately, antisemitism in Europe, whether it is the modern version of it or the old-fashioned antisemitism, is something that each and every country in Western, central and eastern Europe suffers from," Mr Orni said. "That is why there is a need for a united front."

He explained that the task force, made up of five lawyers from France, Germany and the UK, is looking at ways to unify divergent laws on antisemitism in European countries.

Meanwhile, voting for candidates to join the EJU's new European Jewish Parliament concludes on December 15.

Mr Orni said some 300,000 votes have been cast for candidates in 54 countries. Would-be voters must register at the website - one vote per internet protocol address is allowed. The winners in each country will be contacted after December 15 and, should an elected person not wish to serve in the new parliament, the runner-up will be contacted.

    Last updated: 12:42pm, December 8 2011